Hello, so I am training this two year old Paint mare, Rock N Racheal, she is a very smart young mare. The only problem I have had so far with her is that she has become mean, specifically towards me, I think it might be because I am the one riding her and working her and she just doesn't want to do it. I am not oppossed to taking a break in her training if it will help her get out of this attitude. She was always sweet and the first one up to the gate when I first got her. I'm not completely sure what changed her personality so completely. If you have any ideas or know of any ways to solve this problem I would be very greatful if you would leave a comment! Thanks so much, Jena
1/17/2013 08:13:01 pm

Jena...I do not think it has to do with your work program. It is probably because your two year old has become a mare. I suspect hormones might actually be in play with your mare, but I would advise you to seek out chiropratic, make sure your saddle still fits her growing body, in short, eliminate all physical reasons before you assume she just is getting mad at you. There are some wonderful herbal mare products out there if that is her problem. I use easy mare myself, but there are others.


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